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    sort issue and convert filter to multiple value slider?

    Syed Shah


      I have a couple of questions related to filters and I will appreciate if you can help me in these


      1) How to sort a filter/dimension by a calculated field. I did read a couple of topics on forum related to this but could not find an appropriate answer. I want to sort my dimension/filter (Location) by a calculated field. I can easily do this in Qlikview but I am not sure how to do this in tableau. Is this possible in tableau?


      2) I have put a field on the color of the points on map. However, the color legends are showing up as separate blocks. I want to show them up as a range of values (Slider) but the colors showup separately. Below on left is what I get and the right image is what I want

      Sent2.PNG.png Sent1.PNG.png


      3) A question almost similar to above. How to make a dimension to show as multiple value slider