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    URL filter with error message

    Sean Mullane

      Preface: I'm using a SSAS cube data connection, so this feature may be working differently than with other data connections.


      I'm trying to add a URL filter action to a view. I succeeded when using one field called "Account Manager", which is in the Account hierarchy. The URL was something like mytableauserver/views/myworkbook/myview?Account%20Manager=John%20Doe.

      However, when I tried to add a filter on the "Company" field, also in the Account hierarchy, I got this error message: TableauError.png


      This leads me to believe that I need to specify the hierarchy in the URL parameter, but all attempts so far have failed. Is there any way to determine if this is possible and if so what format I need to use? All of these attempts have failed:





      I'm thinking the cause is either the periods in the hierarchy string or trying to use the whole string. In either case it looks like I'm out of luck, but here's to hoping you guys know more than I do here - maybe there's some secret sauce way I need to format the hierarchy string.