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    Format Tooltips for HH:MI only (no default date of 1/1/1900)

    David Strohman

      I am using a 24 hour field with no date to yield a time from  an Oracle database table as follows:

      TO_CHAR (VH.EVENT_DT, 'HH24:MI') AS "Sent Time"

      The "Sent Time" field works fine and I can see that entries are there like 9:15 or 14:24. When I use this field to create a new field with AM/PM formatting I can't seem to eliminate the 1/1/1900 as a date. I think this is a Windows default but I can make a report that shows only time AM/PM as the horizontal axis. The Tooltips, however, always default to 1/1/1900 HH:MI AM/PM. I need to get rid of the 1/1/1900 part. I think I've tried every Windows formatting trick with the "Custom" date format in Tableau I can find but no luck. I've attached a sample that uses an Excel data source only for an example but it is the same effect as our Oracle data source. Also we will use Tableau Server to automate the weekly updates from our Oracle database so an Oracle query is a must. (I am using Tableau Desktop version 8.0.3.) Anyone know how to format Tooltips to get around this?