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    Showing System Uptime


      I'm trying to figure out the best way to show system uptime of systems. The problme is there are scheduled maintenance hours for each system per month. So, it's not quite s straight forward calculation. I want to show the uptime on a scale of 100%. What's the easiest way to manage this and be able to add the scheduled downtime?


      Also, to get the total possible uptime that month (in minutes). So, days * 24 * 60.


      Any ideas?

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          Alex Kerin

          This completely depends on the data structure you have - can you post a tbwx?

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            What's the best way to post a tbwx without all the data?

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              Right now the data is spread across a couple of sheets. The team updates it manually which is why I'm converting it to Tableau. The main spreadsheet has the list of outages which include system name, total downtime (in minutes), when it was reported and when it was resolved. The second spreadsheet has a calculation of how many operational hours in that month (July  31 days at 24 hours each). The sheet also has the list of the systems with planned outages that month and the duration. So, for example, "application A" has 2 planned outages of 2 hours. That would come out of the total operational hours making the maximum uptime for July at 29 days at 24 hours. Make sense?


              The idea is to show a line graph where 100 is at the top and dips where the service falls below that point. So, my question is, how can I map this out? I don't have anything really in Tableau yet though I've been tinkering with things.It could be that it's too complicated to use Tableau.

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                Here is the sample spreadsheet I'm working with. There is no Tableau file at this time. Just trying to figure it out before I start the Tableau.

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                  Alex Kerin

                  All of this is eminently doable in Tableau, it kind of depends how you want to get the data in - for example your second sheet is not ready to be consumed by Tableau. Perhaps look at a way to get all of your data in one sheet. You don't have to do that but it will make it easier.


                  Things like uptime for the month can be done by a calculation like


                  DATEADD('month',1,DATETRUNC('month',[Date])) - DATETRUNC('month',[Date])

                  which gives number of days. One possible issue (that can absolutely be solved) is counting uptime for when you have no downtime - in other words there is no data for that month at all.

                  A lot of this comes down to you designing the best way to get data in - to me that would be putting planned downtime on the first sheet as well.

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                    Thanks. The one thing I can't do is move the data to the first sheet. So in the actual spreadsheet it pulls from a SharePoint list directly. Therefore the sheet changes daily. That's why I have a second sheet.

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                      Alex Kerin

                      Then I would redesign the second sheet to have exactly the same column layout as the first and use a union in custom SQL  to pull in both sets of data