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    Controlling date axis labels when using flexible ranges

    Eric Huhn

      I'm creating a viz with flexible date granularity, similar to how it's done in the tutorial video (a parameter settable to Year, Quarter..., then using DATETRUNC to change the granularity.  This is working great.  I've got the adjusted date field set to Exact Date and Continuous.


      My question is: because of the multiple variations, I have the date format set to Automatic. When I select quarters, I get axis labels that don't always correspond to the data points.  For example, all of the dates get truncated to Jan 1, Apr 1, Jul 1, and Oct 1, as expected.  But on the axis I see June and August.  Is there a way to say that any axis label must actually exist in the data?  The graph is technically correct...if the labels say June and August, the point is correctly plotted halfway between as July 1,


      The format of the actual point is also an issue.  It looks better to leave it as Automatic so that years show as only the year, but a weekly view shows the actual date.  The ideal answer would be a way to pick a format based on the granularity parameter, but I know that's not currently possible.  Does anyone have a workaround?