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    Date and Time Calculated Field(s): 1 or more fields???

    Daniel Eldridge

      I have a csv file that contains a DATE and a TIME field.


      The DATE field is in this format: MMDDYYYY where MM ranges from 01 to 12; DD ranges from 01 to 31 and YYYY ranges from 2000 to 2012


      While the TIME field looks like this: HH:MM


      NB: all values are padded with leading zeros.


      Is there any advantage to creating more than one TimeStamp field?


      Exactly how do I create this--presumably--calculated field?


      I know how to extract/create the date, but I'm lost when it comes to TIME:



      LEFT([Order Date], 2) // This covers the DD segment

      + "-" +

      MID([Order Date], 3, 3) // The MMM segment

      + "-" +

      RIGHT([Order Date], 2) // The last two digits of YYYY