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    Calculating the Standard Deviation of the result of a table calculation

    Arthur Robbins

      I have been struggling with this issue for a couple of days now and I am hoping to gain some insight from those more seasoned in Tableau than I am.


      What I am wanting to accomplish seems straight forward so I am at a loss on why it appears to be so difficult. It is quite possible I am approaching it all wrong. I have tried to replicate the problem using the Superstore work book to hopefully spur some ideas or thoughts .Imagine that I needed to compute of the average of each category's total profit for each state and then compute the standard deviation of each states average.


      Computing the average of each category's profit by state is pretty straight forward but when I go to compute the standard deviation I ended up with all NULLs or numbers that are way off.


      I would welcome any insight that can be provided.