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    Trouble with aliases

    Mitchell Albury

      I recently changed some of the variable names in my data and now I'm having some trouble updating the aliases. The data are in an Excel workbook and I refreshed my extract after changing the variable names.


      When I edit the aliases using the dialog box, I'm able to edit the aliases with no issues, however, when I save and reopen the workbook the aliases have "disappeared" and reverted back to the variable names.


      However, if I add the dimension to a worksheet and right-click each row to edit the aliases I receive the error message:

           "Cannot assign two members the same value (alias).

           _______ is already aliased as _______".


      The name of the value is the old variable name, but this was changed. Additionally, when viewing the data only the new variable names appear there. Has anyone had this happen before? Is there a way to find a complete list of aliases and delete the old alias, even though this variable no longer appears in the data? I'd appreciate any help.