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    Tableau Desktop(Custom SOL Teradata)

    Dev S

      I am working on a report which needs Custom SQL. I am able to Run the Custom SQL in Teradata but when I try to Run in Tableu it gives an Error "A Character String Failed To convert in Numeric Value"


      If I remove the Date Filter It works Fine. Here is the Date Filter


      calendar_date  = '2013-07-21'


      What is the Format Tableau understands?

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          This is likely to be due to some sort of discrepancy in locale/regional settings. Teradata might be configured to understand 'YYYY-MM-DD' format implicitly, but Tableau or its Teradata driver might not.

          Can you use explicit conversion to date, something like TO_DATE('2013-07-21','YYYY-MM-DD') instead of the date text? I don't know Teradata SQL syntax, so I used Oracle as an example.

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            Dev S

            Thank you Dimitri! After posting this, I tried casting calendar_date to DATE and I was able to got it working:-


            CAST(calendar_date as DATE) = '2013-07-21'.


            Appreciate your quick response!