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    Dynamic fiscal year start?

    Richie Fanti

      I have a workbook that shows supplier measures broken down by month, showing this year and last year comparisons, but different suppliers have different fiscal years. I could make a separate sheet for each supplier and break down each view by a different date field with different fiscal year starts, but this is not ideal. I'd really like to have one sheet with a parameter that gives the end user control to pick a supplier, then have the view dynamically update to the supplier's corresponding fiscal year start. It seems like when I create the calculated date field to reference that parameter, it does not inherit the individual date fields with specific fiscal year starts; rather, it only inherits a single default fiscal year start property. Is there a way to achieve this?

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          Jonathan Drummey

          My suggestion is to add a column to your data that identifies the fiscal year start for each supplier, then create a new date calculated field that does the appropriate date adjustment for assigning the fiscal year to the calendar year. Then you'd use the date calculated field as your date dimension in the views.