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    Problem with date Datatype when connecting Tableau with Apache Hadoop through Hive

    Amarendu Samal



      Got stuck with Date  when using data present in HDFS . The same data when used as normal text file works fine and Tableau could easily detect the data type and also works fine with PostgreSQL..


      When I used the same data through HDFS (Hadoop) there was a problem with datatype .


      Here is an example of data that i am using









      *****28|*****02|8/1/94|46|C/O H




      When using this piece of data in HDFS as String it is showing the data as it is. When Changing the datatype to date it gets converted into null value.

      Since I am using this field as filter no values are shown as filter.


      But when the same data piece is as normal txt file or through it works fine.

      I even  tried to change the datatype to TIMESTAMP as used in Hadoop but it stops showing error.


      Please help.