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    Google Analytics extract fails to incrementally refresh

    douglas morris



      Hoping someone has experienced this issue and can advise


      - I have a workbook published to my organisations Tableau server

      - The workbook has 2 worksheets, built from 4 data sources

      - Each of these Data sources has an extract with a fixed start date (see GA-connection.jpg)

      - I've published these workbooks with an incremental refresh set for each morning (at which point there should be a new days data)


      However, at times the incremental refresh just refuses to work, Returning an error that the data is up to date.


      If you check the through-Tableau.jpg attachment, that is the same error that occurs whether I attempt the incremental refresh through Tableau directly, OR if I trigger it through the Tableau server interface (based on a check of the fail reason provided through background tasks)


      The problem is, it's not up to date. The through-Tableau screenshot was taken at 5:00pm today on the 06/08. You can see the data in the extract is still only up to the 04/08


      Anyone had this issue?