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    Summarising 3 tables

    Mark Kelly

      I have 3 tables on an SQL server linked together in Tableau.  I need to produce a report similar to the example data below but after alot of time playing round with columns and rows am unable to achieve this in Tableau, is it possible?



      Many Thanks,



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          Joshua Milligan



          What do you mean by "linked together"?  On SQL Server, if you join the tables using the Multiple Tables option of the data connection properties, the desired view should not be difficult at all to create:


          Name from Table 1 on Columns

          Name from Table 2 on Rows

          Passed on Text.




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            Mark Kelly

            Hi Joshua,


            Thank you for your reply. You are indeed correct. The reason we were struggling was because we had made a simple error in linking the tables together in the first place, which is why we struggling to achieve the desired outcome.


            The problem arose when we tried to link an additional two tables to the 6 we already had running from the SQL server, we miscalculated and Tableau was pulling through some information but not all of it, after re-evaluating the links the issue was resolved.





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              Joshua Milligan

              You're welcome!  Glad you got it!