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    Show Only Values From Max Date in Dataset

    John Mogielnicki



      I'm struggling with something that seems like it should be really simple.  It may be that I'm just not thinking through the issue completely (it is the end of the day after all).  I'm hoping someone can help.


      I have a simple dataset like so:



      I want to create a viz where whenever I log in it will default to the max date, and show me the value.  In this example, it would be 5.  But if the data was updated with a value of 6, for 8/6/13, the viz would show a 6.


      I thought I could solve this with a simple calculation: if [Date] = Max([Date]) then [Value] else null end


      However, it gives me the dreaded "cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate" error.  I looked through the forum and saw similar examples, but nothing that matches this problem exactly.


      Any thoughts?  Packaged workbook attached.





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