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    Filter 12 months based on the latest date in the data?

    Todd Snell

      I'm trying to show the latest 12 months of data in a worksheet, but I'd like the "latest" 12 months to be based on the latest date in the "Activity Month" date field.


      As an example, the latest date in the field is 6/15/2013, which means it will show all records between 6/15/2012 and 6/15/2013.


      The "Anchor Relative to" feature in the date filter only allows a manual update... nothing dynamic.  Anyone have a good formula I could use to filter?


      I tried DATEDIFF('day',[Activity Month],today()) , but that anchors based on today's date, not the latest in the database.


      I can't use DATEDIFF('day',[Activity Month],max([Activity Month])) , because it's mixing aggregate and non aggregate arguments.


      Any help is appreciated!