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    Dynamic dashboard titles

    LyNea Tomas



      Is there a way to create a dynamic dashboard title based upon your filters as well?  Example:


      Dashboard Title:   Commerce - <Filter 1>  - <Filter 2> - <Start Date> through <End Date>


      Filters that i have showing throughout the dashboard would be

      Filter 1: Country

      Filter 2: State

      Date filter



      The dashboard title will then dynamically change based upon whatever is selected in Filter 1 or Filter 2.  I have seen a few other examples in which they all involve creating a parameter and using a series of "If - Else" statements which is not necessary for this case.  I do understand that if you put in a text file box, you can insert certain dynamic fields (i.e. Full Name, Parameters); however, I would like to use the filters within my report as part of the titles.



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          Robin Kennedy

          Not sure this can be done with the standard dashboard title object (without using fancy parameters but that's a pain)


          However, rather than adding a Title object, you can add a blank worksheet and have that appear to be the dashboard title instead. See the attached for an example...


          Hope that helps...

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            LyNea Tomas

            Hi Robin,


            Thank you for taking a look.   However, I tried to create a blank worksheet and place the necessary filter on the new worksheet, but when i added the worksheet to the dashboard it shows blank worksheet.


            Can you write out the steps of how you were able to do that?





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              LyNea Tomas

              Nevermind...I figured it out!!! Thank you very much for your help and your suggestions.

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                Robin Kennedy



                In your blank worksheet, add something to level of detail... SUM(Sales) or something like that... anything will do.... This just tells the worksheet to connect to your data set but doesn't draw anything.


                Then in the dashboard, double click the blank worksheet's title and edit the text to include the fields which you want to display in the dashboard - adding them from the drop-down is the easiest way.


                To do the To and From dates, I had to create some calculated fields in the data source - just min(Date) and max(Date). I added these to the level of detail in the worksheet so that they were available to the worksheet in the title.


                Remember to set your filters up so that they apply to the blank sheet (or apply to the whole data source)



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                  mehak jaggia

                  Hi Robin,


                  This is helpful. I just want to confirm is this possible to do in the text boxes.

                  Suppose if I want to add a text box and want to add the filter value in it.


                  Is it possible?




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                    Cameron Collins

                    No, I do not believe you can. When using the 'insert' option with a standard text box, the only parameters available in the drop down context menu will be basic, system ones such as the workbook's name, the sheet's name, the user's name, or any parameter values. But as it stands now, you could not use a text box to dynamically title things using filters from other worksheets.

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                      Barbara J Otto

                      Can you tell me how you get all the filter selections to show? If multiple values are selected the dynamic title will show the first few selections and then say "and 2 more" or "and 3 more" instead of the other filter selections.

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                        Nick Seigal

                        I had a similar problem and wanted the range of years shown in the viz to be dynamic in the title. My MIN([Year]) calculated field didn't work. It always just gave me the [Year] value. Finally, I tried an “EXCLUDE LOD expression”, ignoring [Year], and that worked.


                        {EXCLUDE [Year] : MIN([Year])}


                        The years in the title are now dynamic to the years allowed by the dimension filters (and prior filters in the Tableau order of operations).