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    Multiple values (dropdown) not displaying correctly - 8.0.3

    Jérémy LEPERLIER

      Hello everybody,


      I work with the last versions of Tableau (Tableau Desktop & Tableau Server 8.0.3).

      My data are an extract of Microsoft SQLServer 2008 R2.


      I have a display error when I use the "Multiple values (dropdown)" in Tableau Server.

      In Tableau Desktop, there is no problem. But, in Tableau Server, the Dropdown (multiple values) appear in a list.


      For illustrate, you have screenshots of the filters on Tableau Desktop and on Tableau Server.


      I tested the display with Chrome 28.0.1500.95 m, Firefox 22.0 & IE 10. My version of Java is the Version 7 (25).  The problem is the same on all the navigators.

      I tried add in the embed URL, the extension :render=false, sometimes the issue was solved, sometimes not.


      Anyone know why this error appear and how correct it ?

      Thanks a lot.


      Best regards,