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    Need help structuring the data


      I am trying to generate a resource (head count) allocation model. The available information is:

      1. Resource Name (usually a person's name)

      2. Group this resource belongs to

      3. Function within group

      4. Other information, like location (site), resource type (full time, contractor, intern etc)

      5. Which projects they work on for each fiscal quarter.


      So, a typical Excel data page looks like:

      Name     Location     Group     Function     Type     FY13Q1     FY13Q2     FY13Q3     FY13Q4     FY14Q1     FT14Q2

      Name1     US               Eng          HW          FT          Proj1          Proj1          Proj2          Proj2          Proj2         Proj3

      Name2     India          Eng          SW          Contr         Proj2          Proj2          Proj5          Proj5          Proj5        Proj5


      etc. What I want to do is plot a stacked bar chart that shows how many people are working on a given project per quarter. In other words, the one axis will be the FYnnQm and the other axis is stacked bar chart of count of resources on each project. See attached Excel pivot table example.


      I couldn't get it to work starting with the data format above. All I am able to do is a stacked bar chart for ONE of the quarters and then a dashboard that has all the quarters. I am willing to re-structure my data to accomplish this in a single plot.

      Any ideas?