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    Is it possible to embed a viz directly from Tableau desktop (locally)?

    Tim Bourne

      Hi there,


      We have currently done some work integrating Tableau dashboards into our PowerPoint slides through tableau server - obtaining a URL and connecting in PowerPoint using the LiveWeb add-in (which has been very helpful). This works as a general solution and in particular when internet access is good/existent this will suffice.


      I'd now like to take this a step further and have the slide connect directly to the Tableau model (locally on the same machine) and display a dashboard of my choosing, with an output similar to the method described above. I frequently work in places with limited/no access to the internet (and hence no access to our central Tableau server) and so need a solution that will work without internet, and also one that will be scalable so that I don't have to set this up on each person's laptop when they need it.


      Is this at all possible in Tableau right now? Is there anything that will get me close/all the way to achieving this?


      Thanks in advance!