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    Calculated Field in an Extract-- I expected it to be Lightning Fast- but still slow!!??

    Jim Thompson

      I don't understand. I have a Tableau Data Source worksheet that connects via SQL that extracts and 'publishes' this Data Source to the Tableau Server and within the sheet is a calculated field. This works great--  others desiring to use the data then connect to the Tableau Server's Data Source and see among the standard fields the additional Calculated Field. ((So far this is great!))


      Where the wheels come off is that this Calculated field does a lot of CONTAINS and logic used to categorize the description for the record into one of 7 categories (and NULL if it can't figure it out!). This is a lot of work- read in the running for calculated field of the year....!


      I thought, mistakenly apparently, that ONCE THIS WAS DONE WHEN THE EXTRACT WAS BUILT that the "calculated field" would essentially be STATIC now, but, I can tell you, this is NOT the case. It appears that the field is NOT placed into the Data Source extraction since any manipulation of this calculated field is obviously recalculating... One can 'obviously' tell die to the time required....


      Why is this the case? Shouldn't Tableau build the static field at the point of Extraction?? Or am I doing something wrong?!?



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