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    Desktop Licensing

    Meghan Fotopoulos

      I would like to know with one desktop professional license, on how many desktop's I can install with same license?

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          Russell Christopher

          Actually, we're twice as nice! From the EULA:


          Tableau Desktop (Professional and Personal) (“Desktop Software”): If you purchased a license to Desktop Software, for each such license you may install, via the Product Key, one copy of the Desktop Software on one primary computer and a second copy on a secondary portable or home computer for each Authorized User.

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            zeng rong

            HI Russell

            what's mean of "for each Authorized User"?

            we have purchased Desktop license, can i install one in office desktop computer, which can be used for other person also, and install another one in my laptop? 

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              Russell Christopher



              I’m not a licensing person so really can’t answer your question “officially”…But (not attempting to be “ugly” here) I think common sense would dictate that if you pay for Tableau then only you can use it. This isn’t a mechanism to let TWO people use the tool for one price ☺


              If you have any questions, the best thing to do is contact your sales rep. They know all the ins and outs of licensing.

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                Russell Christopher

                Another thought – here is the EULA – if you give it a quick read, you might not even need to call your sales rep.



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                  zeng rong


                  Thanks for the explanation.

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                    Bob Skaggs

                    I have read the EULA and discussed with sales reps and it is what it is. However, I think this needs to be revisited by your Legal Department. The practical reality is workers are more mobile. They need to work from an office PC and home PC with the need to still tote a laptop to work with clients on site. The current EULA, if obeyed, prevents them from doing this unless they go through the hassle of deinstalling one of their desktops to load to their laptop back and forth every time they need to work with clients in the field. This would be a problem for Tableau to monitor. Believe me I have seen plenty of people using Tableau Desktop on their laptops at training sessions (they are encouraged to do so) and at customer conferences. I truly doubt they have bothered to deinstall a copy at home or work. If the intent is to prevent other non licensed users from utilizing the product, that should be a given but not managed by limiting the number of devices the licensed user can install. Point of fact a dishonest customer could allow unlicensed use on just one installed device. This limitation in the EULA is impractical and needs to be updated.

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                      Alex Kerin

                      Bob, are you referencing a different EULA or part of the EULA than the one linked? You are allowed to install Tableau Desktop on two devices for one user:



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                        Bob Skaggs

                        I don't think there is more than one EULA for Tableau Desktop. I know there is a two device restriction and that is what I was trying to address in my message.