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    How do i roll up categories so that i can view a table similiar to excel?

    Amy Meriwether

      So the easiest way i know how to explain this is like this:


      So we have the following fruits and vegetables:


      10 Apples, 5 Bananas, 5 grapes and 5 Oranges

      2 tomatoes, 10 green beans, and 3 cucumbers


      so what i want to do is create a roll up:


      1 called Fruit and the Other called Vegetables that will look something like this and I will be able to drill down to the totals for each fruit or veggie....


      Fruit  25+

           Apples 10

           Bananas 5

           Grapes 5
           Oranges 5




      I know this is possible just dont know how to do it!?