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    Can I Get a CSV Export of a Tableau Server Worksheet via URL Only?


      I'm attempting to craft an automated regression test/audit system that helps ensure that the information in our Data Warehouse is consistent with the data in the source system(s) it's drawn from.  The source systems currently produce reports that I can convert into CSV data.  I can construct a Tableau report to filter and retrieve the same data from our SSAS cube, and publish that on Tableau Server. What I'd like to do is automate the steps of hitting the "export" button, then "data" then "download all rows as a text file".


      I know that some of that can be accomplished using tabcmd - but that requires installing services on the "audit" system, or constructing some kind of a service on the Tableau Server to respond to export requests.  I've also read that tabcmd (behind the scenes) simply uses http commands to talk to the server when generating those exports anyway.


      Can I short circuit all that service construction, and just decorate the worksheet URL call with an "export" parameter to output that file?