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    Percent Difference of Two Running Totals

    David Marrel

      I'm trying to determine the % difference between two running totals.


      My (simplified) data set:  I have a table with Date, Type (2 options:  Quota or Sales), and Amount.


      What I have so far:  See the attached workbook.

      Viz 1: Month to Date Quota and Sales using running totals.

      Viz 2: Month to Date $ difference using running totals i.e.  On day 1 Quota is $100 and Sales is $50 of the difference is $50.  On Day 2, quota is again $100 and Sales is $150.  So on Day 2, the difference is $0 ($100+$100 = $50 + $150).  I used a calculated field for this.


      My trouble is with Viz 3:  Month to Date % difference suing running totals.  So for Day 1 it should be $50/$100 - 1 = -50%.  On Day 2 it should be ($50+$150)/($100 + $100) - 1 = 0%.


      Any ideas?  I just can't get a calculated field to work for this.  The solution doesn't have to be a calculated field and it doesn't even have to be a line graph if there's a better way to show it (probably a bar chart could work better).  But I need the % difference of running total to work.