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    maximum measures?

    Jason Wang



      I am trying to join two tables from IBM Netezza via Tableau.  Each file has about 500 columns and I have "inner" joined the two tables.  However, what I am seeing is not all the columns are imported?  I would expect the columns to be around 1000 (500+500), but I am seeing far less than that.  I thought there is no ceiling to the number of measures/dimension that we can bring in?





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          Matt Lutton

          An inner join brings in columns that exist in both tables, not all columns from both tables.  I am guessing that the join is the problem here.  Depending on what exactly you're looking for, you will want an outer join of some kind. 

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            damien gauthier



            I have the same problem with one file only containing more than 400 columns.
            Only approximately 300 columns are imported in Tableau.
            Does anyone know if there is a maximum number of columns allowed ?

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              Sourabh Dasgupta

              The INNER join basically links the tables based on common columns, and bring all columns from both the table. The matching records will be retrieved and non-matching records will be excluded. So ideally there should not be any restrictions on number of columns from the tables, unless you specifically de-select them while adding the join. I doubt if this has something to do with the driver used for connecting the database.