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    Fields, Formulas, Filters, Parameters, Sets?

    Ashley Lambert-Maberly



      Absolutely stuck, but I'm sure there's a way.


      Context: we're doing Program Reviews at our university.  I want users to select their department and filter the results.


      However, students can be in more than one department (like if they do a double major, or a minor), so I want those results to appear for both English, and Math (for example).  And I'd like to show the results by whether it's a major/honours, or a minor.


      At first I thought sets would solve this, but struck out as there are multiple fields involved (they're doing a major in English if ProgramType = "MAJ" and ProgramSubject = "ENG" or ProgramType = "DOUBLEMAJ" and ProgramSubject = "ENG", etc.)


      I created calculated fields for each department showing whether a student was doing an major or minor or neither.  That was relatively simple.  Obviously I can use that as a filter, but that's not the point--it's to have some way of allowing each department to choose their department, and then we'd use the appropriate calculated field to filter on.


      So I kind of want some parameter that departments pick, that then instructs some placeholder filter to use the particular calculated field for the given department.


      I'm so lost, and I've taken Tableau Fundamentals and Advanced!


      Is this impossible?  It feels like it shouldn't be, and maybe I'm just approaching it incorrectly.