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    Issues updating permissions on published workbook

    Benjamin Johnson

      I've published a new workbook to our Tableau Server.  The default permissions for the project do not give "Filter" access to the "interactor" role. I checked my workbook, and the quick filters are hidden.  I then went in through the web interface and changed the permissions to explicitly grant "Filter" access to the "interactor" role.  I also used the "check user permissions" feature on the "Permissions" page to verify the permissions for my interactor test account, and there was a green check mark next to the "Filter" permission.  I then logged in as my interactor test account, and checked the workbook again, but the quick filters are still hidden.  I've checked the permissions and rechecked them again, but I'm not sure what I've done wrong. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?  Does anyone have ideas to fix this?  Thanks.