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    Show offline maps

    feds akino



      i need to show maps with the reports we created and published to the server.

      Our server has no internet connection thus it cannot download the online maps.

      This is for presentation purposes only, we want to show the maps in our published worked book.

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          Toby Erkson

          Super easy, just select Map >> Background Maps >> Offline:


          2013-07-30 07_36_50-Tableau - World Indicators [Read-Only].jpg


          Our servers can't reach the Tableau maps servers at this time so this is our work-around.  Note that the detail and resolution will not be as good as getting them Online but it's better than nothing.

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            feds akino

            Im very much aware about the offline map. The problem is that once the report is published to our server which has no internet connection, we are unable to see the maps.


            Im trying a work around wich is cache mode for the browser. The problem is that when we navigate to other report/sheet and get back to the report with map. It is somhow refreshed and the map is not shown again.

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              Toby Erkson

              Ah, with that additional information the question is totally changed.  This is why I tell people to be detailed in their questions.  It's not a race to ask a question.


              So for this question I don't exactly know.  Have you tried changing the browser settings?  What about your server config. setting?  We use Balanced but maybe you need Refresh More Often?

              2013-07-31 08_38_41-Clipboard.jpg

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                feds akino

                I guess what we really need was the "Refresh Less often" this allows the caching of the page longer so even if we change view with different reports in the server the maps are shown. Though you cannot zoom in, this would invoke the online map.