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    Using a parameter and a filter on a string

    Fernando Furquim

      Hello all,


      I'm relatively new to Tableau and have run into a wall. I am creating a map that shows schools. One field contains grades served; it's a text field that looks like 'K 1 2 3' or '9 10 11', etc. Basically a list of grades separated by spaces.


      I want to have a filter that will allow people to enter the grades they want. What I did was create a parameter, and then that parameter is linked to this filter:


      IF CONTAINS(TRIM(LOWER([Grades list])),TRIM(LOWER([Filter on grade]))) THEN "SHOW"

      ELSE "HIDE"



      then I filter for "SHOW" only. This works but not consistently. For example, if I enter '9' it works, but if I enter '9 10' it does not. If I enter 'K 1' it works, but 'K 1 2' doesn't. Anyone know what could be happening? Or a better way to do this? I'd be happy with any solution (a series of checkboxes, a free text box, whatever) so long as people can filter by grade!