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    Date Filter: Relative date & Weekdays

    Julien Dinh

      I have a relative date filter, but I'd like the "yesterday" to be in weekdays (on Monday to be Friday).

      Is this possible?

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Julien,


          Instead of using the relative date filter to get this to work, create a calculated field similar to the following, place it on the filter shelf and select True:



          ([Order Date])=(if datepart('weekday', today())<=2 or datepart('weekday', today())=7 then dateadd('day', -datepart('weekday', today()+1), today())

          else today()-1



          Hope this helps!



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            Justin Fredette

            Hi Tracy and/or anyone else in the community:


            I tried using the above calculation and while it is entered it is still not showing last Friday's information. I'm guessing things may have changed since 2013. Is there another way to show yesterday's information but to exclude weekends so that Monday will show last Friday's information?


            Thank you,