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    Anyone else encountering that Tableau v8 can't find the extract file when the workbook opens?

    Bruce Segal

      About 30% of the time that I open a .tbw file (v8.01 build ... 13.0502.1826) which is connected to a data extract file (.tde file) I get an error message that tableau can't find the extract file. I keep all my .tde's in the default file (aka folder) .../Tableau Repository/DataSoruces/*.*


      I'm given the oppty to "locate the extract." When I do that Tableau opens up to the datasource folder and I click Okay and go on my way.


      I started having this problem w/ workbooks that use the new Google Analytics data connection. I thought at first this issue might be specific to GA DataExtracts. The new data connection dulls data directly from GA and automatically creates a .tde file. However, it seems these are special or limited extracts. We can't do any of the things to them like rename or optimize. So I thought perhaps the problem is unique to GA data connections.


      However it just happened to me w/ a workbook that uses an extract made from a .xls file.


      So I wonder if this is a wider issue?


      Anyone else experience it?


      Anyone have a solution?