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    MAP with sales percentage in Label.

    Minat Verma

      Hi ,


      I am Showing a map with sales percentage as label.


      The Percentage is now calculated as

      SUM( [SALES] ) / TOTAL (SUM( [SALES ] ) )


      What it does is calculates percentage based on the Region in which that country is located.

      Data is like  Region --> Country

      Like for France it calculates SUM [sales] of France /  Sum [Sales] Of Europe * 100 , yes I have a filter for Region(Continent).


      My Problem wants me to calculate the percentage of sales for that country w.r.t  World and Region Filter not having Value 'All'

      Like SUM [sales] of France /  Sum [Sales] Of World * 100


      It be best if I am able to select that option with Parameter like

      Show Percentage

      1.w.r.t Region

      2.w.r.t World


      I do have various other filters to consider like Product category , Fiscal Qtr. etc.

      Please share any insight on this.