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    Can you connect directly to Google Adwords?

    Krystie Mak

      Hi all,


      I recently purchased Tableau Desktop Pro and am looking to connect directly to Google Adwords. Is this possible?


      An old post about Google Adwords said that the only way to analyze Google Adwords is by generating a report and uploading the csv. excel file (Analyzing Google AdWords Data - Getting Started | Tableau Software). Since we have Tableau Pro, I was hoping I could use that software to directly connect to the server instead.


      On a related note, although I was able to directly connect to Google Analytics, it gave me a cap for the dimensions and measures I could pull into the workbook. Additionally, some of the measures that I wanted to include (e.g., clicks, impressions) were greyed out and thus unable to be added to the workbook.


      Any insights or thoughts on how to find a solution would be greatly appreciated!

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          Joshua Milligan



          Google Analytics is an interesting connection.  As you noted there is a limit on the number of dimensions that can be included.  Also, certain measures are not applicable (and thus greyed out) when certain combinations of dimensions are selected.  You might try removing all dimensions and then add them back one by one to see what combinations work.  I'm not aware of any good existing documentation -- but if anyone has a bus matrix of GA's measure groups and dimensions, I'd love to see it!




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            Bruce Segal



            1. Automating getting data out of AdWords:
              • Tableau's new GA data connection is just for GA.
              • Because we all live to build or own farm implements, I suspect that the Tableau data extract api (see this link Tableau Data Extract API) might work to pull data from AdWords. I believe the tableau api will need to communicate with an AdWords api. I plan to dig into it for work shortly.
            2. Using the new GA data connection to pull data. (Consider these some random notes that I should organize and tighten up later.)
              • I've discovered a  host of limits on this. None of them keep me from using it but they do limit the accuracy of the data we can get from GA. There are 2 big categories of issues: 1. GA's practice of sampling data, and 2. GA's practice of creating bucketed data and in particular what I call measure-dimensions. These are measures limited to particular dimensions, e.g. any measure that starts w/ Unique, like Unique Visitor, Unique Pageview, etc.
                • Sampled Data: We get sampled data from GA when the total data set exceeds a threshold. The bigger your date range the more likely you'll hit the thresehold.
                  • I often end up creating multiple GA data connections just to reduce the sampling issue and the grey dimension and measure issue.
                  • The .tbw data connection only lets us pull data in a daily aggregation. When you change your data view from daily to weekly, etc in GA, it automatically presents weekly unique counts and dedupes them. However in Tableau any measure of Unique ______'s is only a Daily Unique Count. If you display the data in Tableau by weeks, months, qtrs or years, you will get the sum or average of daily uniques ___'s which will over count them. As a result I use Visits primarily, which is sub-optimum.
                  • Because we're getting daily data, picking dimensions that create a big matrix of data will give us data that is further sampled. E.g. if you pull last months data and add the page and medium dimensions then you will get one row or data for each combination of page and medium AND day. I often hit the sample thresehold with very short date ranges.
                • Buckected Data: Each of GA's reports are usually bucketed data. Dimensions and oftern measures are limited to particular reports. We can't do multi-dimensional analysis. E.g. the matrix of visit number by time since last visit. (I use this type of data to do a recency, frequency and latency analysis to identify how many visits it takes for someone to either buy or not buy from a site and over how much time. The results help optimize off-site and on-site traffic.)
                  • As a result, of the bucketed data, you see greyed out dimensions and measures depending on which ones you want to see.
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              Michael McCarthy



              Did you manage to connect to the Adwords API directly in the end? Looking to do something similar myself in my organisation.




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                Bruce Segal



                Bottom line is no, I haven't yet found a way to connect automatically to Ad Words data.


                And I don't know if we can use the Tableau Data Extract API or an AdWords API to do it. The team decided to stick with what it already knows; it's manual data pulling process, yes really.

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                  Michael McCarthy

                  Thanks Bruce! Good luck with that! I will definitely be looking for an alternative.

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                    Willem Botha

                    Hi Michael,


                    Have you had any joy connecting to Adwords yet?



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                      Brittany Amato

                      Anyone have luck directly connecting to Google AdWords yet?

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                        Jerice Anterola

                        Hi Brittany,


                        Relationship One is a Tableau partner, and we have helped numerous client's get connected to data with no native Tableau API connection. We utilize our proprietary ETL to move data (i.e. Google AdWords data) into an Amazon Redshift instance, which is Tableau optimized for data analysis. This is a fully managed solution that can automate your data migration, giving you time to concentrate on the ad-hoc data analysis rather than the mundane task of manually pulling data.


                        Feel free to send an email or give me a call and I can provide more information.

                        Jerice Anterola

                        Relationship One - a Tableau partner





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                          Bruce Segal

                          Krystie Mak, Kristie


                          I recently found this .xls plugin tool that pulls data from several sources into .xls files. The sources include Google AdWords, Google Analytics, FB, Bing & YouTube. In addition to pulling the data into .xls tabs, it can display some useful graphs. It's fairly easy to figure out, but if you just want the data, and want it shaped to work best with Tableau, be sure to look for the option to display just the data, and not data + graphs.


                          You can download the plugin here, Supermetrics Data Grabber

                          Each data source listed above is a different "module." Once you activate one module you have 14 days to try it for free. The cost varies by module from about $20 per month to $50 per month.


                          In addition you might want to follow changes on this page which lists Google's api's: Google APIs Explorer


                          Some of Google's API's let you pull the exact same data as the SuperMetrics plug in. And note that Google's API's are very granular by product. For example, in the actual Google Analytics interface, if you've connected WebMaster tools to it, you can get a whole section of reports with data for those tools. It looks like it's Google Analytics data.


                          However, none of those fields are available via the GA API, or the Tableau built in connectore (e.g. impressions, clicks, page position). To get those fields you need to use the API for the google search data. That one is called Google search analytics. It was recently released in Oct or Nov 2015.

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                            Betsy Daly

                            Hi Krystie

                            You can easily connect Tableau and Google Adwords (plus Facebook/Bing/Yahoo/Instagram/YouTube etc) using Forager (www.GetForager.com). It loads data into a secure data warehouse and connects seamlessly to Tableau via SQL. There is a 30 day Free Trial (no credit card required) so worth taking a look!

                            Would love to hear your thoughts, Betsy


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                              Drew Loika

                              Hey Krystie, I'm pleased to announce that we've made an early version of the AdWords connector available in the "Early Feedback" section of Tableau's Prerelease site. We still have a lot of work to do but wanted to give customers an early chance to kick the tires and influence the direction taken. If you have a spare moment it would really help us out if you could give it a try and let us know how it does or doesn't work for you and if we're on the right path. Thank you!



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                                Bart Jutte

                                Hi Drew,


                                Can you update me on the status of the Adwords API? Is the connector to Google Adwords available in Tableau Desktop 2018.3 now?

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