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    Shawn Wallwork

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          Jonathan Drummey


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            "It just works"


            Enough said...


            Wait, it is also "proven" by three top-tier (whatever that means) companies...


            Let's hope this post works (fingers crossed).

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              Joshua Milligan

              So, I think I wasn't active enough on the forums pre-Jive to really remember much.  What was it like?  What was better and what issues prompted the move to Jive?


              I'm also curious if the general frustration with Jive is with the technology itself, the paradigm it imposes, or the way certain Jive features are used/not used.

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                Shawn Wallwork

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                  Joshua Milligan

                  Okay -- so I do remember that, but I thought that was Jive too; just a previous version.  Was that not Jive?  What was it?  (I did like that view much better).

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                    Jonathan Drummey

                    There was a Jive upgrade this spring (Shawn was linking to that thread), the transition to Jive was in early 2012.


                    The biggest problem I remember from the pre-2012 forums was spam (lots of it), I know there were more and some features I liked were lost in the move to Jive and have never come back.



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                      Joshua Milligan

                      Thanks for the clarification Jonathan.  I'm starting to piece the history together and it is very helpful in understanding the current discussion.  I joined the forums just before the switch to Jive and I don't think I was familiar enough with the forums at the time to notice the change.  What are some of the features that were lost?

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                        I wouldn't put it as a loss of functionality. The old (pre-Jive) forum worked, but it was quite primitive and didn't look great. When I first saw the upcoming Jive version of the forums in beta, it looked very promising. When forums went on Jive, there were some big improvements, it would be unfair to deny that some things got better. But since then a bunch of issues and much-needed improvements were identified, which to this day remain unresolved. Some of those issues would not have existed if it wasn't for Jive. On top of that, the recent Jive upgrade (see the link to the relevant thread in Shawn's post above) introduced some more issues together with new features, some of which got resolved quickly and some didn't. Hence this discussion about Jive.

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                          Jonathan Drummey

                          My favorite lost feature was that I could get an RSS feed of everything a person did, whereas right now in Jive when we get the RSS feed it includes everyone who posts on a thread that person contributed to. The list of threads (the equivalent of the Jive content view) also showed who last responded to a thread.


                          However, there was no separate Ideas section with voting, that is one of the nice additions.