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    Tableau with analytic database backend

    Brad Sheridan

      Hey there fellow Tableau developers!  I'm a relative newbie (10 weeks now) but am totally and completely enamored with this product for what we've been able to do with it so far and the possibilities.  Here's my question...we're using mostly Oracle databases and eh....it's pretty good performance for either connecting live or doing extracts.  But we recently ran into a billion row table (150 columns wide) and the extract choked.  My feeling is that using a OLTP database for analytics is a joke.


      So here's my question...what analytic databases are you all using?  I want to start looking at options (saw a webinar the other day with MarkLogic) and we are currently doing a proof of concept with the in-memory, columnar storage in SQL Server2012.  So what are you all using and how has it been in terms of performance, etc...???


      thanks everyone!