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    Keeping reference lines constant

    Hock Gan

      I have a list of student grades by subject. I wish to create a view to show how each student performs relative to the rest of the class. I also want to show the median and the quartiles for each subject that remains constant when I select each student. Below is the view that I am after with the selected student highlighted.


      Highlight grades.jpg

      I had a look at a number of discussions on this subject and followed the suggestions but only managed to have limited success.





      For example, I obtained the following view by using a table filter which display the median as constant irrespective

      of which students I selected. I can't figure out how to display the quartiles as a constant. When I select a student, I would

      like to show the student highlighted and also retain the views of the other students as shown in the previous image.

      Select student.jpg

      I also attempted to duplicate the datasource and use the secondary datasource to display the median and quartiles as suggested by the article from the Information Lab but without any success.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.


      Hock Gan

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          Andy Piper



          Very nice choice for charting performance of one versus many.


          If I understand you correctly, you want to highlight the chart based on selection of a student. If so, do not use a quick filter, for that will remove all but the selected student; and you want to be able to see how that student is faring compared to the others in the class(es).


          In the attached workbook I created another worksheet that simply contains the student names. I added that workbook and the Duplicate data workbook you had to a dashboard. Creating a Highlight Action within the dashboard allows me to select a student and have that student highlighted within the chart.


          Hope this helps,



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            Shawn Wallwork

            Nice solution Andy.

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              Hock Gan



              Many thanks for your simple and elegant solution.


              Is there a way to display only the subjects that the highlighted student took? The actual datasource that I am working with has over 30 subject lines with each student taking six subjects out of the 30. It will therefore be helpful to include only those subjects that relate to the student to help the teacher focus by reducing visual clutter.