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    Top N filter ignores the intended filter order? (TWBX)


      I have some data from a competition that I want to display on a dashboard.


      I also want to have an interactive top5 list where you choose a name and you get that person's top5 results.


      The problem is, the top 5 filter seems to apply before anything else, and reordering the pills in the filter doesn't help (normally it affects the order of filtering as I understood it, but the Top N seems unaffected).


      As in my sample case, one person has far better results than the others, which leads to the top5 results only displaying for that person (since the top5 filter looks at all the results, and the person filter applies only after that).


      So when you choose one of the other people, no results are shown since they didn't have a top5 score in the total data set.


      I tried to do it by adding a Parameter for Name, thinking that I could then add the condition that Name = Parameter on the same filter, which should be applied before. But I didn't succeed with this, there was some problem in making a string comparison calculation and the error message that it has to be an aggregate. I couldn't deaggregate because the ATTR function was not available.