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    JET Engine not importing all columns

    Siddharth Surana

      Hey Guys


      I am using a straight forward method to connect to Tableau - I use a text file (.tab) and declare a schema.ini file on top of that. I have 138 Columns declared in the schema and my text file has the same number. Now my issue is, when I open the text file in Tableau, it imports only the first 100 Columns declared in the schmea.ini file. The remaining columns are ignored. Does anyone have any idea why this would be happening.  I have checked and made sure I am following the steps:


      1. I place the .tab file and schema.ini file in a separate folder

      2. I have checked and rechecked the declaration in the schema file from Column 101 - 138. They all seem to be perfectly right.


      If anyone can comment on why this can/does happen, would really appreciate your help