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    Negative Time Difference

    Michelle Mersereau

      I have three calculated time difference fields on my table (rows) with week-ending dates as columns.

      The time fields are in hh:mm:ss format and the calculated difference formula is: (ZN([Adj. AHT]) - LOOKUP(ZN([Adj. AHT]), 1)) (Computed Table Across) (the "Adj. AHT" is one of the three calculated times)


      • If I change the formula asking to show the result as a string (STR) with a "-" in front for negative results, it changes the Measure to a string field and will not allow it on my table.
      • If I drag the field to the Color shelf with a Red/Green Diverging with two steps, 0 center, it somehow changes the entire week column to red or green.
      • As a final effort, I modified the calculation to reflect the time difference as a percentage, but I don't prefer it because we normally don't think of time duration as a percent of the time duration before it. (What is 5% decrease of 00:10:47?? It's not intuitive.)


      I'm out of ideas, and I've searched the communities and forums.  Any help out there?