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    Tableau Server 8 PostgreSQL meta data tables

    Amy Song

      Hi there,

      We just tapped into the Tableau Server backend history meta data tables and I'm doing some data exploration.  A couple questions came up...


      One question I had is about the hist_users table.  It looks like it only contains a user's Active Directory alias instead of their full name.  But you can search for names in Tableau Server, so shouldn't that be available somewhere??


      Also, it  would be great to be able to create views by groups/departments; I have a separate Excel file with AD aliases, full names, departments, etc... but since I'm only able to blend and not join that data source, it looks like I can't get an aggregated to departments view.  Is there a workaround?  I thought about joining to the hist_groups table, but it looks like that only contains Active Directory groups which do not necessarily align with departments.  I could create custom groups to join to; is there a different table where those show up?