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    Network-Style graph in Desktop Tableau 7.0 Professional Edition

    Mary Howard

      Hi.  I've generated data out of the statistical package R to print coordinates of a network-style graph with circles and points.  The data coming out of R has two files.


      File 1: the plot coordinates- these are where the circles of the graph need to be (plotcord.txt):












      File 2: the lines- these are the connecting lines on the graph (edges.txt):








      What I want to do is draw circles for every x1, x2 coordinate in plotcord.txt, and draw lines from (x1,y1) to (x2,y2) for every coordinate in edges.txt.  But when I start with edges.txt, it does not seem to let me draw lines by putting in the four coordinates of the line.   Is there someway to use this data to draw a network graph?  I can further manipulate the data in R if needed prior to bringing it into Tableau; all I want Tableau to do is use the coordinates that I give it (not generate them).


      Attached are the two data sets, and the graph that I want in Tableau (graph generated in R).