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    Create "database" view

    daniel addyson

      I have a fairly simple question, which is, how do I recreate the view of my data (attached XLSX) in Tableau? I am creating a dashboard & want the viewer to be able to see the "raw data" as I filter on the respective variables.

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          Daniel VanderMeer

          Hi Daniel,


          Creating the view you are looking for in Tableau is pretty easy.

          I've attached a twbx file with the view you are looking for.


          Here are the steps to take:

          1. Drag County dimension to Rows Shelf

          2. Change data type of Date dimension to date (from date/time)

          3. Right click on Date field, set default properties, date format, choose the format you want 07/04/2013

          4. drag date field to rows shelf, click on date field, choose, 'Day',

          5. Click on date field and change to 'discrete', (instead of continous)

          6. Drag Text field to rows shelf




          Hope this helps!


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            Daniel VanderMeer



            One addition:

            On step 4, choose 'Exact Date' instead of 'Day', this will set the desired column header to 'Date' instead of 'Day of Date'



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