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    marksselection event is empty when selecting main column

    James Turley

      Hi there,


      I'm working on a web project with Tableau which - among other things - displays a tabulated list view of a series of companies with various vital statistics (turnover, profit and so on). Part of the plan is to turn the firm names into 'links' that will pull in an overlay div with a bunch of extra information on that particular company.


      Using the tableau API for this has caused me some problems however - because while clicking on a numerical data point returns a promise which returns an object with the relevant fieldnames and values, clicking on the main column of firm names only returns an empty promise. I know that a click has been made, and on that column (because it's empty), but not which firm, and thus not which data to pull into the page.


      I have got around this rather inelegantly, by adding a dummy worksheet to my dashboards and using the main table worksheet as a filter to the dummy, thus triggering a filter change event that DOES contain the field/value pair I need. This adds an extra async call to the program, however, which slows everything down, so I'd rather do it directly if possible.


      Is there any way to set up the workbook so the API will get the firm name alright - or am I just being dumb, and there is a way to get at this stuff through the API as is?