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    Ranking - Showing only single rank value???

    Andy Paolino

      Hi everyone,


      I am pretty new to Tableau, and my inability to do this is driving me NUTS!  I would very much appreciate any help I can get.


      My data is somewhat sensitive, so I will make up a similar problem to my own and pose that question.  Let's say I have a bunch of car models and a bunch of prices.  I have 2 worksheets, the first showing all of the car models sorted by price, and the second showing just 1 car model that I am specifically interested in (let's say I was building a dashboard for Honda, and I filtered on the Accord, so I would want just the Accord to show up in this second worksheet as a little bar).  In that single bar for the Accord, I want to see (1) the price and (2) the ranking of price when compared to all the other models from different companies in my other worksheet.


      My problem is, when I use index(), if I sort on Accord only in the worksheet, I am always going to see a ranking of 1.  If it was the 10th most expensive car, how can I get it to show the number 10?


      Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.