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    Server licensing for concurrent users

    Philip George



      I want to understand the server licensing model in tableau.

      My understanding is that Tableau has 2 models 1)named user 2) core based


      Question:I have a user group of 300 and only 30 will be concurrently accessing the server.

      If I follow core based model how much it will cost for the above requirement.(pls provide a rough figure)


      If I follow named user then for each  user I have to pay $1000/user and total will be $300k and that is costly.But in this model can I buy  30 named user licence by paying $30K (because only 30 people will be concurrently accessing).I will create 300 users in the server.But only 30 will be using the server at a time.


      please clarify me on this.


      Thanks in advance.



      Philip George