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    Dates switch day and month when published.

    Willem Botha

      Hi all,


      We have a rather strange, and very frustrating problem. Whenever we publish our data sources to Tableau Server, or update our extracts using Server, it switches the month and day of our dates around and our data obviously becomes meaningless.


      We have a MS SQL Server 2012 database, all our locale and date settings etc. seem to be the same (South Africa/n). We're stumped. We also tried recreating the problem using data from Excel, but this worked fine throughout. This is logged with Tableau support as well, but due to timezone differences our exchanges lag and the resolution is rather slow in coming, so maybe we can get some ideas from here too.


      See the pictures for example of the problem. Any ideas?


      Correct dates (connection directly to SQL):


      After publishing, note all the nulls where the day was > 12, and all days are now 5 (initially the month was May):