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    Dual page functions to limit number of rows on two tiles

    Steve Gesuale



      I have a workbook with data from “data senders” who submit data via mobile phones. One view is set to display the data senders in rows – with total submissions and submissions by week.


      Because the number of data senders varies considerably depending on what region of the country is selected, I set a page filter (“Page function” – found elsewhere on this helpful Forum) to set the maximum at 25 rows. However, I discovered it is not possible to “apply” this filter to the other tile. So I attempted a second calculated field (“Page function 2”) which includes the result of the first calc so whichever page the user selects is applied to the related tile as well.


      But it doesn’t seem to work. These are the two calc’s I am using. The first works great; the second is my problem.


      Page Function:



      Page Function 2:

      int(index()=[Page Function])


      Thanks for any suggestions!