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    What's the best way to connect social media data if we don't have in-house programmers?

    Stephanie Masline

      My organization is doing initial setup for Tableau and we want to connect in social media data (Facebook and Twitter, but likely more in the future). I've read a number of related threads here in the forums which seem to offer these two options:


      1. Work with an existing company who partners/is familiar with Tableau
      2. Use the Extract API to connect directly to the social media APIs, which would mean hiring an outside programmer for a contracted job since we don't have those programming skills in house


      I've requested a few quotes from companies, but my gut feeling is that they'll be both more expensive than we want and offer/try to sell us on more services than we need or are looking for. For social media, we've been doing all of this analysis manually, so we don't need help figuring out what to analyze, matching it to other data, etc - we JUST need the data source connected. However, working with a company could offer more stability and support if we decide to add in more sources later or when one of the social media sites inevitably changes their API.


      Do you have insight into what would be the best approach? If you think it's hiring a programmer, are YOU an awesome programmer who might be in the market for a small contracted job?


      Thanks for your help!