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    Six Sigma Control Limit graphs - same in Tableau?

    Michelle Mersereau

      I've viewed the tutorials about making the X-bar and UCL and LCL to make, what "looks" like, a Six Sigma Control Limit Graph.  However, I'm left with some questions.

      1. Is the Tableau CL graph able to determine the 'tests' identifying an outlier or a trend?
      2. Is there a way to remove certain points (i.e. Holidays, non-normal days) from the calculations (not excluded from the tests or the displayed results)?
      3. Is the user able to add 'stages' to the graph, identifying a change in process as identified by the trend?
      4. If my graph only shows the last 26 weeks, for example, assuming no stages, do the average and control limits only apply to those 26 weeks or to the entire data set but only viewing the last 26 weeks? If stages were present, the stats would reflect the results only for that stage with multiple stages appearing within that 26 week period, ideally not changing as points disappear off the screen.