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    JPG/PNG as Shape - Quality different in v7 and v8

    Andy Piper

      The quality of JPGs when using them as shapes has never been great (the quality is always better when placing as an image on a dashboard). However, I've noticed that the graphics quality of the same JPG files used as shapes in a v7 workbook are different than in v8. In v7, the pictures appear a bit fuzzy and somewhat contrasty, but the title at the top is readable if you know what you're looking for. The v8 picture appears to have a more 'sharpened' image, has numerous foreign color elements, and good luck reading the title at the top.


      The first column of pics shows v7 with JPGs used as shapes. The second column of pics shows v8 with JPGs used as shapes. The third column of pics shows v7 with JPGS used as images on a dashboard.


      I've tried the same with PNG files with similar results. I'd like to keep as shapes so I can highlight and filter with the shape (something an image on a dashboard cannot do since images are not 'actionable').


      Any suggestions on how to get obtain better quality "shape" images?